ABR test program

This program let's you play with ABR. You need two things for this: a card that allows you to send/receive raw cells (hatm only at the moment). And a card that you want to test that supports ABR. The latter not necessarily in a FreeBSD box.

You need the following setup:

+--------------+           +--------+  vci+1    +----------+
| box with ABR |  vci      |   +---->-----------> FreeBSD  |
|  adapter     |---------------+    |  vci      | with hatm|
|              |           |   +----<-----------<          |
+--------------+           +--------+           +----------+

That is you must split your VC on the switch so that the FreeBSD box receives on vci and transmits on vci+1 (the vcis on the left and the reight sides need not be to be equal. The reason for this is that the ForeRunnerHE seems to process received RM cells and reflects them even if told not to do so. By splitting the VC the reflected cells go into the bit bucket.

Start the program.

Every time when the remote ABR adapter changes its ER the program will you tell this. You may toggle influence fields of the reflected RM cells: CI, NI, BECM and ER. You may enter the following to the program: