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Hello World, please to meet you

This is a good url for you French guys

A presentation made in a meeting for a French School in 2003 at Nancy-France

A presentation made at Libr'east in 2004 at Marne la vallée-France

Presentation made at Solution linux in 2005 at Paris/CNIT

Snapshop of the French release notes

If you want to drink a good beer with me at Sous Bock, please contact me at gioria@FreeBSD.org
My Personal web page

My Resume in French . I'm ready to hear about a new job everytime. My Resume in English is available on request

This a old(1998) photo from me
Yes I've got the great black FreeBSD polo !!
This is a fairly new photo (2002) with my rollerblades
If you come to Paris and want to discover my city with a cool guide and your rollerblade, drop me a mail !!! We can go to the Friday Night Fever or even to the Sunday Rollers and Coquillages(where I'm a member of the staff team) ballad.