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Annotated PRs for 9.0 Release Engineering

Date generated: Sat May 12 03:26:01 2012 GMT

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Showstopper PRs
Regressions reported against 9.0
Regressions reported against 8-STABLE
Regressions reported against 8.2
Regressions reported against 8.1

Showstopper PRs

(none yet)

Regressions reported against 9.0

o2012/03/14kern/166067[arcmsr] Areca 1680 Problem When Upgrading from 8.2 to 9.0 - All disk didn't work. [regression]
o2012/02/03kern/164734[quota] 9.0 quota not working [regression]
o2012/02/01kern/164694[ata] Regression in 3726 port multiplier support in 9.0 [regression]
o2012/01/18kern/164271pf[pf] not working pf nat on FreeBSD 9.0 [regression]
o2012/01/15kern/164143geom[geom] Partition table not recognized after upgrade R8.3 -> 9.0 [regression]
f2012/01/07kern/163890gavinps2 keyboard not detected by kernel? [regression]
o2011/11/16kern/162620[ata] SATA device lost when changing brightness on Lenovo L420 [regression]
f2011/10/26amd64/162043gavindev.cpu.0.freq is missing [regression]
o2011/10/21kern/161887[vm] [panic] panic at vm_page_wire with FreeBSD 9.0 Beta 3 [regression]
o2011/10/01kern/161205fs[nfs] [pfsync] [regression] [build] Bug report freebsd 9.0 beta 3
a2011/09/26kern/161043jhb[psm] PS/2 mouse does not work in 9.0-BETA2/-CURRENT [regression]
o2011/09/20kern/160860fs[ufs] Random UFS root filesystem corruption with SU+J [regression]
f2011/08/08kern/159595geom[geom] [panic] panic on gmirror unload in vbox [regression]
o2011/07/13kern/158874[vesa] I cannot change tty screen with vidcontrol(1) (Blackscreen) [regression]
f2011/06/23kern/158201yongari[re] re0 driver quit working on Acer AO751h between 8.0 and 8.2 (also 9.0) [regression]
o2011/05/13bin/157017vidcontrol(1): "vidcontrol -r" no longer works [regression]
o2011/02/14ports/154770portmgr[patch][regression] Mk/ do-fetch fails on ftp:// transfers with ftp(1) fallback
o2011/01/21usb/154192usb[umass] In Garmin Oregon GPS, only the first umass device is visible since upgrade of 9.0-current [regression]
o2010/11/07kern/152022fs[nfs] nfs service hangs with linux client [regression]
f2010/06/28bin/148220sysinstallsysinstall(8): 9.0-current gets "Cannot resolv hostname" during install [regression]
o2010/02/23kern/144234fs[zfs] Cannot boot machine with recent gptzfsboot code [regression]
o2010/01/22kern/143088[hang] FreeBSD 9.0-CURRENT freezes while starting kernel [regression]
22 problems total.

Regressions reported against 8-STABLE

o2010/05/26kern/147082ed[uart] Serial ports unusable [regression]
1 problem total.

Regressions reported against 8.2

o2011/11/01amd64/162219amd64[REGRESSION] In KDE 4.7.2 cant enable OpenGL,in 4.6.5 work fine. 8.2 STABLE am64
o2011/11/01bin/162211Calendar no longer handles first/last day events in 8.2, 8-stable & current, OK in 8.1 & 7.4 & 6.4 [regression]
o2011/10/19kern/161805qingli[regression] [panic] [arp] Repeatable panic in ARP code
o2011/09/18kern/160801fs[zfs] zfsboot on 8.2-RELEASE fails to boot from root-on-zfs in MBR slice [regression]
o2011/09/09kern/160591fs[zfs] Fail to boot on zfs root with degraded raidz2 [regression]
o2011/08/05kern/159534[panic] general protection fault when switching to console [regression]
o2011/08/04kern/159511[ata] ad0 disappear after upgrading to 8.2-STABLE, root mount error [regression]
o2011/07/07bin/158706[regression] sed(1) in 8.2 gives incorrect output compared to 7.4
f2011/06/23kern/158201yongari[re] re0 driver quit working on Acer AO751h between 8.0 and 8.2 (also 9.0) [regression]
o2011/06/14kern/157879geom[libgeom] [regression] ABI change without version bump in 8.2
p2011/06/08bin/157718edwininput data trigers a core dump from calendar(1) [regression]
o2011/04/25kern/156647[ata] Intel ICH7 SATA300 Driver Performance Regression in 8.2-STABLE [regression]
o2011/03/09kern/155421avg[hang] System can't dump corefile [regression]
p2011/03/09kern/155411fs[regression] [8.2-release] [tmpfs]: mount: tmpfs : No space left on device
o2011/02/16kern/154828fs[msdosfs] Unable to create directories on external USB HDD with large msdosfs [regression]
o2010/12/05kern/152853net[em] tftpd (and likely other udp traffic) fails over em(4) unless rxcsum/txcsum disabled [regression]
16 problems total.

Regressions reported against 8.1

o2012/02/04amd64/164773amd64[boot] 9.0 amd64 fails to boot on HP DL145 G3 [regression]
o2011/03/02kern/155196[uart] uart cannot identify internal modem or its chip [regression]
o2011/02/12kern/154709[heimdal] Kerberos V5 refuses authentication because Read req failed: ASN.1 encoding ended unexpectedly [regression]
o2010/12/06amd64/152874amd64[install] 8.1 install fails where 7.3 works due to lack of choice of CD drive [regression]
o2010/09/07kern/150367[isp] Possible QLogic fiber channel regression in 8.1-RELEASE (and above) [regression]
o2010/08/14i386/149647i386[panic] Dell Inspiron 530 (FX09) panic at boot with 8.1 kernel [regression]
6 problems total.


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