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Suggested PRs for October 2011 Devsummit

Date generated: Fri Jun 1 09:05:01 2012 GMT

This page is generated from a template that embed GNATS commands, including passing parameters. Consider this as a prototype for a more useful tool. You can see some examples at the PRs recommended for committer evaluation by the bugbusting team (these have been vetted by our triage team); PRs considered 'easy' by the bugbusting team; and PRs with patches. You can also see the entire list of these protypes.

src PRs are separated into subcategories; for instance, for the complete set of network-related PRs, see the labels 'network - stack' and 'network-device' on the new grouped PRs graph.

Here are some interesting suggestions:

At the bottom you can find the summary of PRs that have been committed during the devsummit and EuroBSDCon.

PRs felt to be good ones to have people look at

o2010/12/05kern/152853net[em] tftpd (and likely other udp traffic) fails over em(4) unless rxcsum/txcsum disabled [regression]
1 problem total.

recent unassigned kernel issues that have patches

o2012/05/24kern/168320[hptiop] [patch] make the hptiop driver support the RR4310 controller card
o2012/05/24kern/168315[libc] [patch] add dirname_r(3); document ENOMEM conditions with basename(3) and dirname(3) functions
o2012/05/22kern/168212[kernel] [patch] some suggested additions for uma_core.c
o2012/05/22kern/168211[kernel] [patch] uma_core.c is missing at least one (possibly two) sleep counts
o2012/05/22kern/168210[kernel] [patch] fix output format of flags in uma_core.c
o2012/05/17kern/168077[netsmb] [patch] SMBFS option causes panic-on-boot with VIMAGE enabled
o2012/05/07kern/167671[libkvm] [patch] libkvm doesn't initialize vnet
o2012/04/01kern/166548[build] [patch] Mismatch in ifdefs can cause problems for /sys/kern/sysv_shm.c
o2012/03/05kern/165710[libc] [patch] RPC: getnetconfig() and other netconfig's functions correct implementation.
o2012/03/05kern/165700[libstand] [patch] pxeboot discards network mask assigned via DHCP on supernets
o2012/02/29kern/165559[ufs] [patch] ufsmount.h uses the 'export' keyword as a structure member name
o2012/02/28kern/165527[libc] [patch] setgroupent() does not make file descrptors opened
o2012/02/24kern/165444[netisr] [patch] incorrect processing of net.isr.bindthreads=0
o2012/01/31kern/164656[headers] [patch] Add size_t declaration to ucontext.h of 10-CURRENT
o2012/01/10kern/163986[modules] [patch] avoid reloading modules in devd for usb devices
o2012/01/09kern/163978[hwpmc] [patch] Loading hwpmc with an unknown cpuid causes a page fault in kernel mode.
o2011/11/09kern/162396[libc] [patch] remove loop in globpexp1()@lib/libc/gen/glob.c
o2011/10/25kern/162009[patch] [kerberos] getpwnam_r buf too small nfs assigns root:user to krb5 clients
o2011/10/23kern/161912[kernel] [patch] kernel sends incorrect notify to devctl about device changes
o2011/10/22kern/161901[cam] [patch] cam / ata timeout limited to 2147 due to overflow
o2011/10/21kern/161886[kerberos] [patch] der_xx_oid not declared before use in gss_krb5.c
o2011/10/21kern/161854[kerberos] [patch] _gsskrb5_pname_to_uid lname lookup fails, breaks nfs/kerberos
o2011/10/10kern/161454[i18n] [patch] because i18n/csmapper/Makefile.part bug, some mps files are not found
o2011/10/06kern/161326[build] [patch] cannot buildworld FreeBSD-9.0-BETA3 (RELENG_9)
o2011/09/28kern/161091[includes] [patch] Max username length is 16 characters
o2011/08/29kern/160294[headers] [patch] missing cast in "/usr/include/assert.h" v 1.4 2002/03/23 17:24:53
o2011/08/13kern/159745[libssh] [patch] Fix improperly specified dependency list for secure/lib/libssh
o2011/08/01kern/159355[kernel] [patch] unp_gc in 8.2 is once again being overly agressive in recycling port rights
o2011/07/29kern/159284[ata] [patch] Update ATA command-to-string definitions
o2011/07/28kern/159279[headers] [patch] __FreeBSD_cc_version in <sys/cdefs.h>
o2011/07/28kern/159271[ataraid] [patch] "pseudo-raid" controllers does not work in latest releases
o2011/07/27kern/159226[libedit] [patch] libedit does not always restore its signal handler
o2011/06/28kern/158376[udf] [patch] The UDF file system under counts the number of entries in directories by one.
o2011/06/28kern/158358[loader] [patch] allow /boot/loader to work from an MBR extended partition
o2011/06/27kern/158351[cam] [patch] missing #includes in <cam/cam.h>
o2011/06/21kern/158086[digi] [patch] Update digi(4) to work with TTYng
o2011/06/17kern/157946[patch] 'BSM conversion requested for unknown event' generated by audit
o2011/04/25kern/156637[headers] [patch] sys/types.h can't be included when _XOPEN_SOURCE is defined
o2011/04/18kern/156481[kernel] [patch] kernel incorrectly reports PPS jitter with accurate measurements
o2011/04/12kern/156352[kernel] [patch] misleading "maxproc limit exceeded by uid" message
o2011/04/07kern/156245[heimdal] [patch] heimdal 1.1 broken in 8-stable and 8-release as far as gssapi_krb5 is concerned
o2011/04/02kern/156137[syscons] [patch] support for vi mode keys in scrollback history
o2011/04/02kern/156130[kernel] [patch] hints read: resource_longlong_value and resource_uintmax_value
o2011/03/10kern/155441[loader] [patch] Firewire support in loader is broken
o2011/03/10kern/155439[libkvm] [patch] Spurious error message kvm_nlist: No such file or directory
o2011/02/08kern/154597[pam] [patch] pam_passwdqc incorrectly tells the user their password must be MAX_INT characters long in some cases
46 problems total.

recent network-related kernel issues that have patches

o2012/05/24kern/168294net[ixgbe] [patch] ixgbe driver compiled in kernel has no Flow Director support although loaded as a module has one
o2012/05/16kern/167947net[setfib] [patch] arpresolve checks only the default FIB for the interface route
o2012/04/26kern/167325net[netinet] [patch] sosend sometimes return EINVAL with TSO and VLAN on 82599 NIC
o2012/04/01kern/166550net[netinet] [patch] Some log lines about arp do not include the new-line
o2012/03/24kern/166372net[patch] ipfilter drops UDP packets with zero checksum on some interfaces
o2012/03/19kern/166255net[net] [patch] It should be possible to disable "promiscuous mode enabled" messages
o2012/03/08kern/165863net[panic] [netinet] [patch] in_lltable_prefix_free() races with lla_lookup() and arptimer()
o2012/03/03kern/165643net[net] [patch] Missing vnet restores in net/if_ethersubr.c
o2012/03/02kern/165622net[ndis][panic][patch] Unregistered use of FPU in kernel on amd64
o2012/02/19kern/165296net[vlan] [patch] Fix EVL_APPLY_VLID, update EVL_APPLY_PRI macro
o2012/02/15kern/165174net[patch] [tap] allow tap(4) to keep its address on close
o2012/01/17kern/164265net[netinet] [patch] tcp_lro_rx computes wrong checksum if 'csum' variable is 0
o2011/10/26kern/162028net[ixgbe] [patch] misplaced #endif in ixgbe.c
o2011/10/04kern/161277net[em] [patch] BMC cannot receive IPMI traffic after loading or enabling the if_em driver
o2011/08/08kern/159603net[netinet] [patch] in_ifscrubprefix() - network route can be installed for interfaces marked down
o2011/08/08kern/159601net[netinet] [patch] in_scrubprefix() - loopback route refcount malfunction
o2011/07/08kern/158726net[ip6] [patch] ICMPv6 Router Announcement flooding limit route number patch
o2011/05/20kern/157209net[ip6] [patch] locking error in rip6_input() (sys/netinet6/raw_ip6.c)
o2011/05/20kern/157200net[network.subr] [patch] stf(4) can not communicate between other 6to4 prefix holder
o2011/04/08kern/156283net[ip6] [patch] nd6_ns_input - rtalloc_mpath does not return a locked rtentry
o2011/02/17kern/154850net[netgraph] [patch] ng_ether fails to name nodes when the associated interface contains dots or colons
o2011/01/12kern/153936net[ixgbe] [patch] MPRC workaround incorrectly applied to 82599
o2011/01/07kern/153772net[ixgbe] [patch] sysctls reference wrong XON/XOFF variables
23 problems total.

recent GEOM-related kernel issues that have patches

o2012/02/23kern/165428geom[glabel][patch] Add xfs support to glabel
o2011/09/08kern/160562geom[geom][patch] Allow to insert new component to geom_raid3 without specifying number.
2 problems total.

CAM-related kernel issues

o2012/04/03kern/166621[cam] "CAM status: Unconditionally Re-queue Request" not handled
o2012/03/05kern/165740scsi[cam] SCSI code must drain callbacks before free
o2012/02/08kern/164909[cam] devfs does not create entries when removable media is inserted
o2011/10/22kern/161901[cam] [patch] cam / ata timeout limited to 2147 due to overflow
o2011/10/19kern/161809scsi[cam] [patch] set via build options (usb boot)
o2011/06/27kern/158351[cam] [patch] missing #includes in <cam/cam.h>
o2010/12/29kern/153514scsi[cam] [panic] CAM related panic
o2010/06/22kern/148070[cam] [panic] panic: _mtx_lock_sleep: recursed on non-recursive mutex XPT topology lock @ /usr/src/sys/cam/cam_xpt.c:4814
o2008/02/19kern/120858scottl[patch] [cam] panic: ufs_dirbad with CLARiiON CX3-40
9 problems total.

libc-related kernel issues

o2012/05/24kern/168315[libc] [patch] add dirname_r(3); document ENOMEM conditions with basename(3) and dirname(3) functions
o2012/04/19kern/167107[libc] [panic] no kernel malloc size argument check causing system panic
o2012/04/18kern/167068eadler[libc] [patch] memory leak in authunix_create_default()
o2012/03/12kern/165970eadler[libc] [patch] strtonum() optimization
o2012/03/05kern/165710[libc] [patch] RPC: getnetconfig() and other netconfig's functions correct implementation.
o2012/02/28kern/165527[libc] [patch] setgroupent() does not make file descrptors opened
o2012/01/31kern/164674standards[patch] [libc] vfprintf/vfwprintf return error (EOF) on success if __SERR flag is already set on file
o2012/01/30kern/164637[libc] Problem with vsnprintf in when compiled with clang
o2011/11/30kern/162976[libc] cron fails unnecessarily via setlogin(2) with sufficiently long usernames
o2011/11/09kern/162396[libc] [patch] remove loop in globpexp1()@lib/libc/gen/glob.c
o2011/10/11kern/161481[libc] mount(2) fails with ENAMETOOLONG with path shorter than 255 // 1023 characters
o2011/07/25kern/159179[libc] close(2) emitting ECONNRESET is not POSIX compliant
o2011/07/10kern/158755[libc] mmap fails with addr=NULL, flags=MAP_STACK
o2011/04/27kern/156684[libc] getaddrinfo(3) returns improper error
o2010/11/08kern/152036net[libc] getifaddrs(3) returns truncated sockaddrs for netmasks
o2010/08/05kern/149323[libc] Applications with large memory footprint failing with mmap(2) - memory allocation errors
o2010/07/13kern/148581[libc] fopen(3) fails with EMFILE if there are more than SHORT_MAX fds open
o2010/06/27kern/148179[libc] Possible Memory Leak in getaddrinfo(3)
o2010/06/13kern/147839[libc] [patch] syscall(2) with wrong argument causing panic on WITNESS enabled kernel
o2010/06/10kern/147756[libc] open_socket_in: Protocol not supported - after a few days?
o2010/06/07kern/147647[libc] select(2) wakes after 24 hours even if timeout is longer
o2010/05/30kern/147226[libc] read(fd, buffer, len) returns -1 immediately, if len >=2147483648
o2010/05/23kern/146889[libc] [patch] Not having NET_RT_IFLIST #defined causes getifaddrs.c (libc) to fail to build
o2010/05/22kern/146845net[libc] close(2) returns error 54 (connection reset by peer) wrongly
o2010/01/13kern/142772net[libc] lla_lookup: new lle malloc failed
o2009/12/30kern/142173[libc] localeconv(3): two-byte ascii thousands_sep
o2009/10/18kern/139734[libc] res_send calls getsockname(2) instead of getpeername(2)
o2009/09/23kern/139080eadler[libc] [patch] closelog() can close negative file descriptor
o2009/07/31kern/137307[libc] [patch] Enhance strptime(3) to support %U and %W
o2009/07/11kern/136669[libc] [patch] setmode(3) should always set errno on error
o2009/05/09kern/134391[libc] dladdr(3) does effectively not work on main program.
o2009/01/19kern/130749des[libc] [patch] nscache.c/nscachedcli.c - return error if string of /etc/group is long
o2008/11/17kern/128933kib[libc] realpath(3) does not follow SUS specification for ENOENT / ENOTDIR conditions
o2008/08/04kern/126230[libc] select(2) causing weird process cpu usage and load average stats
o2008/07/07kern/125382[libc] open(2): ENOSPC may be misleading, consider EIO
o2008/05/31kern/124160net[libc] connect(2) function loops indefinitely
o2008/03/13kern/121656[libc] [patch] telldir(3) issues
o2008/01/29kern/120128attilio[libc] [patch] __getcwd erroneously returning ENOENT
38 problems total.

summary of PRs that have been committed during the devsummit and EuroBSDCon (maintained manually)

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