Kernel Problems

INT 13 sometimes attached to npx0.

Certains motherboards (Neptune/EISA based) randomly report INT 13 as used by the FPU during the npx0 probe code. This seems to be benign behaviour in most cases, but still needs to be fixed. It is sometimes exhibited as "stray irq13" messages.


Since external FPUs are NOT allowed by the MP spec, I propose putting a huge #ifdef SMP/#endif wrapper around the npx0 probe code so that for the case of SMP it never decides to use INT 13. In other words, the npx0 probe shouls always report "npx0: INT 16 interface" for the SMP kernel. Volunteers?

Hardware Setup Problems

BIOS needs MP spec 1.4 setting

We have discoverd that some BIOS have a setting for which version of the MP spec to use: 1.1 or 1.4. When such a setting is available 1.4 should be used.


Set BIOS to MP spec 1.4 when available.

Old bugs and resolutions.