X11 Virtual Remote Control

The ird code supports both a serial-port based transmitter/receiver pair SIR (SerialInfraredRemote) and converted 'learning' remote controls LIR (LearningInfraredRemote). SIR support is quite new but is expected to replace the LIR hardware and software.

The original SIR code and schematics were obtained from here with the kind permission of their author, John DuBois.

What exists:

ird, a daemon to control infrared equipment.
irnamer, a utility to build an ir button database from named samples.
irsample, a utility to capture infrared samples from your ir controllers.
irtrain, similar to irsample, for use with 'learning' remote controls.
irtxmt and irrcvr, schematics for serial port infrared transmitter and receiver hardware.
ircontrol, a line oriented client to send control requests to ird.
xremote, an X11/FWF based client to send control requests to ird (shown above).
What doesn't:

irdump, a utility to test infrared samples.
irtune, a utility for aligning the serial hardware.
extensions allowing ird to monitor infrared signals and respond with actions.

The hardware:

A schematic (HP laserjet format) for the serial IR transmitter. and a parts list.

A schematic (HP laserjet format) for the serial IR receiver and a parts list.

Artwork for the irDaemon serial port controllers in PCBCAD format.

The software:

The software for ird and friends is part of the basic RcDaemon package.

You can reach me: smp@csn.net