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FreeBSD Ports distfiles survey

Port tree snapshot taken at Sun Jan 13 06:19:32 2008 UTC. Results last updated Thu Jan 17 11:55:08 2008 UTC. | (status)

Also see the same data by port maintainer or a list of all the ports with problems.

  • October 4th: I reinstalled all the custom perl modules for pointyhat and started a new run. Email is still disabled but we will see if the fresh rebuild fixes any of the problems.
  • October 8th 2007: SSL connections now work (but may not come through properly until the next run because I fixed them in the middle of this run)

IO::Socket's connect timeout implementation is broken on FreeBSD, resulting in "Connection refused" (i.e., no FTP server running) being reported as "Invalid argument".

Ports that set FETCH_CMD, FETCH_ENV, FETCH_BEFORE_ARGS, FETCH_AFTER_ARGS, or have a do-fetch: target are now simply skipped in the output. A file whose URLs are all "Not checked" (usually one that was just added or changed before or during the last port survey run) is treated as though it was not required to fetch for the port to be fetchable.

Sites running SecureIIS return 406 Not Acceptable to the HTTP HEAD queries that the distfile survey does. If all your URLs are purple with "406 Not Acceptable" repsonses, the site is likely running SecureIIS.