Welcome to the MultiMedia Page

Welcome to the MultiMedia Page. We plan to offer links to information and software pertaining to the world of MultiMedia in the *IX domain. The primary system of focus is FreeBSD but we will include stuff for Linux, NetBSD and others as well as time goes by.

The BOOK on Internetworking MultiMedia

Multimedia Pages for FreeBSD

  • Amancio Hasty's Page
  • Mark Tinguely's Page
  • The Bt848 Driver Project
  • tv+xv for Pentium Pro 200MHz

    Check this out!

    For a look at what a FreeBSD 2.1 Multimedia system can do, look at Paco's Box.

    Product Info

  • OmniMedia Technology, Inc. and MPEG Technology for FreeBSD
  • Gravis UltraSound

    Do you want to join a project in progress or even start your own? Check out the Coproductions web site. It's free and opens European contributions to your projects.

    Pointers to info concerning software in the FreeBSD ports collection

    Relevant port categories include graphics, audio, and games , or see all the ports.

  • HylaFAX FAX Software

    Protocol Info

  • RTPv2
  • MBONE or IP Multicasting FAQ
  • GSM

    Software Drivers

  • Voxware - the sound driver for FreeBSD and Linux

    Software Libraries

  • Reliable Multicast Protocol C++ Library (RMP) Beta 1.2

    Special Interest

  • Home Automation : X10 and other goodies.


  • Sound Bytes : WWW TV Themes Home Page

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  • The MultiMedia Page / faulkner@freebsd.org