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vim -- vulnerabilities in modeline handling


Ciaran McCreesh discovered news ways in which a VIM modeline can be used to trojan a text file. The patch by Bram Moolenaar reads:

Problem: Unusual characters in an option value may cause unexpected behavior, especially for a modeline. (Ciaran McCreesh)

Solution: Don't allow setting termcap options or 'printdevice' or 'titleold' in a modeline. Don't list options for "termcap" and "all" in a modeline. Don't allow unusual characters in 'filetype', 'syntax', 'backupext', 'keymap', 'patchmode' and 'langmenu'.

Note: It is generally recommended that VIM users use set nomodeline in ~/.vimrc to avoid the possibility of trojaned text files.



portaudit: vim -- vulnerabilities in modeline handling

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