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awstats -- arbitrary command execution vulnerability


OS Reviews reports:

If the update of the stats via web front-end is allowed, a remote attacker can execute arbitrary code on the server using a specially crafted request involving the migrate parameter. Input starting with a pipe character ("|") leads to an insecure call to Perl's open function and the rest of the input being executed in a shell. The code is run in the context of the process running the AWStats CGI.

Arbitrary code can be executed by uploading a specially crafted configuration file if an attacker can put a file on the server with chosen file name and content (e.g. by using an FTP account on a shared hosting server). In this configuration file, the LogFile directive can be used to execute shell code following a pipe character. As above, an open call on unsanitized input is the source of this vulnerability.



portaudit: awstats -- arbitrary command execution vulnerability

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