IPMI Setup for Intel SCB2 Motherboard

Doug White <dwhite@freebsd.org>

These are recommended settings for the Intel SCB2 (and similar)  motherboard for optimal use under FreeBSD, with full console redirection from BIOS and from loader(8), and enabling remote control over LAN (optional). Only the "Setup Utilities" section should be required; the IPMI commands can be used for automated reconfiguration if desired.

This configuration assumes that the machine will be connected to a (secure) LAN and that the serial console will be connected to a console server or similar device, and not a modem. This means that you do not plan on using the built-in modem paging capabilities and/or PPP or Direct mode IPMI sessions to the BMC (from a tool such as Intel Direct Platform Control).  

Some of the items give the data bytes for equivalent IPMI commands. Use with caution!

Setup Utilities

BIOS Settings

System Setup Utility (SSU) Settings

IPMI Commands

Set Channel Access for Channel #1 (serial) -- 0x20

Set Serial Mux -- 0x2
Set Serial Config --