Random Musings

O for a muse of fire, that would ascend the brightest heaven of invention!

Business Activities

  • Founder & CTO of SkunkWerks GmbH, bringing distributed systems innovation to the edges of the Internet
  • deep expertise for companies relying on Apache CouchDB
  • design and operations for reliable robust distributed systems
  • a decade of DNS & Domain Industry knowledge

Community Involvement

Public Keys

Contacts & Social Media

  • Email: dch at any of @skunkwerks.at@FreeBSD.org@apache.org
  • Code and content: dch or skunkwerks at GitHub
  • Twitter: @dch__
  • LinkedIn: Dave Cottlehuber
  • Call: sip:dch@skunkwerks.at or skype by arrangement
  • IRC: find dch in irc://libera.chat/#freebsd or irc://chat.efnet.org/#bsdports
  • phone: +43 67 67 22 44 78
  • webRTC: https://cabal.whereby.com/dch
  • postal:

      SkunkWerks GmbH
      Naufahrtweg 153
      1220 Wien

Useful Maps

Credits to OpenStreetMap