Welcome to Donald Burr @ FreeBSD.ORG!

This is my account with the FreeBSD Project I am serving as a committer (someone who has write access to the FreeBSD source code), and my primary area of work is with the FreeBSD Ports collection. Click here to view the list of ports I am currently actively maintaining. (I have also contributed to other ports that are maintained by people other than myself.)

What is FreeBSD, you say? Well, I'm glad you asked! In short, FreeBSD is a fully ready-to-run out-of-the-box professional quality UNIX-like operating system, for computers based on PC hardware (i.e. Intel compatibles). It will run on anything from a lowly 386sx, all the way up to the top-of-the-line Pentium II's, in as little as 5 MB of memory and 40 MB disk space. (Of course, more memory, better processor, and bigger hard disks help...) It can be used for anything from word processing and Net surfing, to software development, to data acquisition, all the way up to a full Internet or Intranet server or firewall! FreeBSD comes with hundreds of already-ported and ready-to-run programs (the Ports/Packages collection) that are just a few keystrokes away from being completely installed and ready-to-go on your system.

Go here to learn more about it, and here to download your own copy! (Also available as an ISO image). Or, if you prefer, go here, or here if you wish to purchase a ready-to-install copy on CD-ROM.

For more information on me, please consult my real home page.

Donald Burr / dburr@FreeBSD.ORG