FreeBSD Y2K Review

I've started reviewing the FreeBSD source tree for y2k problems. I'm not doing it so that FreeBSD can stand up and say "We are 100% compliant" because we don't have the resources to make or defend such a guarantee. My intention is to find potential trouble spots and highlight the fact that they are compliant by documenting their purpose. If people are concerned about Y2K compliance, then I'll have pointed them to the places to check.

I've scanned the source tree for trouble spots using a perl script based on a script from SGI. My perl script is a bit more liberal in reporting problems in some respects, but also tries to be more strict in other respects. You can see my script here, and the results here.

I'd really appreciate comments on the following pages, and volunteers of help for the pages which are not yet done.

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Daniel O'Callaghan, <>