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Skeletons in the closet: where did I put this new shiny pointyhat?

You are: To get back this shiny pointyhat, you could:
Updating port's Makefile when switching to, forget to move some variables that should be placed after (such as RUBY_VER)
decrease or remove/reset PORTEPOCH so that package versions go backward
make typos such as s/PORSTDIR/PORTSDIR to avoid dependencies to be found or s/WORKSRC/WRKSRC/ to prevent port from building correctly
specify wrong dependency version or names in {BUILD,RUN}_DEPENDS, i.e. s/libasound.2/asound.2/
Updating pkg-plist provide a wrong plist by introducing typos
do not test any of the new combinations of KNOB you just introduced and let's wait to see how those plist conditionals will handle them
Updating a library avoid bumping PORTREVISION of ports depending on a shared library that was updated
Adding / Removing a port when removing a port from the tree, do not change any of the ports that depend on it
when adding a port, set PORTNAME so that it conflicts with an already existing port
forget to add a port's name to its category's Makefile when a new port is added or resurrected from attic or forget to remove the port's name from its initial category's Makefile if it was moved to another category or removed from ports tree
add a port that already exists in a different name/category
Committing forget to commit some files (such as a patch file which is needed to build the port correctly, or distinfo which makes it out of sync with package version) or commit files that should not (like tmp/*)
avoid doing a cvs rm on 0 byte patches
commit a different patch than the one that was tested