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Feb 2007: Long time, no updates of this webpage. I actually don't have any plans to further update this page. I have actually moved much of my presence to my own server:

Oct 2002: This is basically a PING, I am finished with the aforementioned 3dfx driver. It is in 5.0. Please don't try to convince me to move it to the 4.x branch, b/c it wont happen and you are wasting precious cycles telling me to. Other than that, I am doing okay.

I am working on the 3dfx device driver typically used by GLIDE, do not confuse this with XFree86's DRI drivers maintained by dfr. This driver is to support games such as Quake III and other software such as Blender that have become rather popular, but depend very much upon the existence of glide. It is also made to support the Voodoo Graphics and Voodoo 2 boards (I own the latter) which probably will never have a real OpenGL implementation outside of Mesa3D with Glide.

Oct 31 2001 - My apologies to those who may have wondered where I dissappeared to. I had a long quarter of school, and now I am in a work term following that. I had been very busy recently, unfortunately the 3dfx work went to the back burner. I just got a new voodoo II card to SLI with my current one, hopefully I can have driver support with that and finish it up altogether.

I have created a page to maintain the test code between commits to help out development.

I also identified the masking error that plagued the k6 mtrr driver with Source Rev. 1.5 so that the K6-2 processors with the CXT core can take advantage of their MTRR's under FreeBSD.

I am a Computer Engineering student at the University of Cincinnati, and the president of the U. C. Free O. S. User Group there. I am maintaining the 3dfx driver that provides memory services and ioctls used by glide. Glide is the only library that uses these at the device level that I know of. SDL and Mesa all call glide to do this work.

Currently (fall 2000), I am working a Co-Op quarter at Texas Instruments in Houston, TX in the storage Products Division, doing cell design.

Coleman Kane
FreeBSD committer