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I am Clive. My Chinese name is lintongi, which is Lin Tun-Yi if you like to pronounce it. :-) [Err okay, well, then what's TONGI, which is in my email address? It's a long story, but in short, it's the printed name on my passport, which was given by the Bureau Of Immigration Ministry. I don't like it, but anyway...]

I spend most of my time on playing with FreeBSD. I'm not a serious hacker nor a power user. I'm just playing with it. :-)

I used to live in Yunghe City, Taipei, north Taiwan. Yunghe City is the most crowded Poor Man's(TM) neighborhood, near the Shindian Creek. Across bridge on Shindian Creek, is the most crowded Rich Men's(TM) neighborhood, Taipei City. :-) Oh, I have to thank, which generated this electronical maps.

By the time this page is updated, I live in Taiwan now.

If you would like to write me a email, here is my email: "Clive Lin" <>.
And here is my pgp key. My favorite MUA is mutt. It integrates PGP support very well.

Things that may be of interest:
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