CAcert Assurance: Seattle, WA

Brooks Davis <>

I am a CAcert assurer residing in Seattle, Washington. I am willing to provide assurance in two ways. First, at Unix/open source users group meetings. I generally attend meetings of the Seattle BSD Users Group (SeaBUG) but check with me before attending because I travel a fair bit for business. If you would like to attend your users group meeting to the purpose of providing assurance, please contact me. Second, I am available for private meetings. I live in the Greenwood neighborhood in North Seattle and work from home. I am willing to meet at home or in a local coffee shop such as: Monkey Grid Espresso, Diva Espresso, or Herkimer Coffee.

Because there are record keeping requirements and other time commitments related to providing assurance, I have decided to use this as an opportunity to raise funds for The FreeBSD Foundation. The Foundation supports the FreeBSD Project. As such, I require a donation to the Foundation for each assurance according to the following schedule:

Users group meetings I normally attend (SeaBUG)$20
Other users group meetings with 10 or more people to assure$20
Other users group meetings with 5 to 9 people to assure $30
Private meetings

Arranging a meeting

SeaBUGCheck the website for meeting times and verify that I will be attending 1-2 weeks in advance.
Other users groupDetermine how many people are interested and provide me with information about that and your meeting schedule. We can then determine an appropriate date and time.
Private meetingsPropose a few meeting times and a location. Week days between 10am and 5pm or weekends between noon and 5pm are best, but other times may be available.

In all cases, please contact me at >>.

What to bring to be assured