This page contains various FreeBSD related bits & pieces from Brian Somers that may be of interest to the general public. More software from me (most of it related to FreeBSD :-) is available at


The hacked user-ppp sources and a compiled and compressed set of binaries n.tar.gz

as of December 30, '03 are available. You should only use the binary archive if you're running a version of FreeBSD fairly close to the archive version.

You can also see the relevant bits of the usrsbin, share and lib CVS logs.

If you're interested in how ppp has been hacked, this script is used to generate the archives.

If you are not familiar with how to extract or build the archives, or if you're interested in pointers to all the ppp documentation that I know about, take a look at for some precise instructions. If you're using a brain-dead browser that can't download files in binary mode (notably Netscape under M$-Windows), you can download the uuencoded source and binary archives instead.

All you have to do is download the archives, unpack them (they're compressed tarballs) and do a make install. You'll need to do a make on the source archive first though. The install will set the appropriate permissions etc - check out the README file in the top level directory for further details.

These sources are an automatically mangled version of the -current sources. The automatic mangling makes it possible to build them on any version of FreeBSD from version 2.0.5 onwards. They should compile reasonably cleanly on OpenBSD and NetBSD too !


The sources for setcon are also available. Setcon is a program that switches the current console under FreeBSD in the same way that pressing CTRL-ALT-F? will. It is useful on some pre-2.2.2 systems if your keyboard has a tendency to freeze. Of course, you'll need to be able to access the machine accross a LAN or serial connection in order to run the program....