NCPLIB - Клиент для подключения к серверам NetWare


This a native FreeBSD client for NetWare servers. Currently it have ability to mount NetWare volumes and print to NetWare print servers. All operations supported only in bindery mode. NDS support will be included in the version 2.0.

Supported versions of FreeBSD: 3.1-stable (very unstable), 3.2-stable, 3.3-stable and 4.0-current.

Tested with next versions of NetWare: 3.11, 3.12, 4.10, 4.11, 5.0
Also works with Mars_nwe.

Текущая версия

Стабильная версия клиента: 1.3.4


Процесс установки описан в файле README.


Информация из файла HISTORY для двух последних версий:

09.12.1999	1.3.4
    -	Fix SMP-related bug in the file close operation.
    -	New ipxping utility added. It uses NLSP IPXPing protocol and
	should work with NetWare 4.x, 5.x.

31.10.1999	1.3.3
    -	Nasty kernel panic "vrele() negative ref count" fixed. It was
	introduced in 1.3.1.
    -	ncpsend now accepts connection numbers > 255 and can send
	messages to a NetWare group.
    -	Since kernel module, libncp library, ncplist and mount_nwfs
	commands imported in the FreeBSD4.0-current they no longer
	builds. If you want to do a complete build (not recommended)
	define COMPLETEBUILD=yes variable in the file.