Mars_nwe a NetWare server emulator for Unix

This page describes some problems and their solutions related to Mars_nwe under FreeBSD

Current version is 0.99pl17.

Before installing Mars_nwe, be sure that IPX stack configured propely. Home page for Mars_nwe



If you get Mars in via ports collection - build it as usual, if not, this means that you have port-like file fbsd-xxxx.tgz where xxxx is the corresponding Mars_nwe version. Unpack this file in a subdirectory, cd it and run make.

You'll get number of warnings during the compilation. After compiling run make install which copies binaries into /usr/local/sbin. To run server at startup create the file:

(sleep 120;cd /usr/local/sbin;./nwserv) &
Sleep 120 is necessary for IPXrouted to setup routing tables.



In the /usr/local/etc/nwserv.conf file change section 3 as following:

3       0x101
0x101 is a network number. Section 4 completely ignored. If you have IPX stack with internal net support it is possible to setup Mars_nwe for it:
3       0xBEBE


They dont need special configuration except of support for the Ethernet_II frame.


Q: Why ┼thernet_II ?
A: FreeBSD supports only Ethernet_II frame for IPX protocol.
Q: PIPE-FS volume doesn't work !
A: Add t flag to desciption and give trustees to this volume as usually.
Q: Diskless stations can't boot from Mars_nwe
A: Most versions of Boot-Rom doesn't supports Ethernet_II frame, use Ethernet_802.3 instead.