6.3. Installing Xorg

Xorg is the implementation of the open source X Window System released by the X.Org Foundation. In FreeBSD, it can be installed as a package or port. The meta-port for the complete distribution which includes X servers, clients, libraries, and fonts is located in x11/xorg. A minimal distribution is located in x11/xorg-minimal, with separate ports available for docs, libraries, and apps. The examples in this section install the complete Xorg distribution.

To build and install Xorg from the Ports Collection:

# cd /usr/ports/x11/xorg
# make install clean


To build Xorg in its entirety, be sure to have at least 4 GB of free disk space available.

Alternatively, Xorg can be installed directly from packages. To install the package using pkg_add, type:

# pkg_add -r xorg

To instead install the package using pkg, type:

# pkg install xorg

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