Benno's FreeBSD/PowerPC Work

This page is to allow people to see what's going on in my attempt to make FreeBSD run on the PowerPC. My current targets for the port is an Apple iMac G3 of the Summer 2000 batch and an Apple Power Macintosh 8600/300. I hope to eventually have FreeBSD running on a wide variety of PowerPC systems though, from the embedded reference systems such as Motorola's Sandpoint to larger systems like Apple's Dual G4 system.

If you have any further questions, you can either contact me at or the FreeBSD/PowerPC mailing list. Archives and a search interface are available here.


10 May 2001 (tarball)
pmap_bootstrap is causing some major headaches which seem to be related to memory translations attempting to happen via the page tables when they should be happening via the BATs. However with the pmap stuff cut out, we can get to the copyright message.

4 May 2001 (tarball)
Much progress has been made. We can now get out of locore.s, into machdep.c:powerpc_init(). We're then panicking because I'm trying to play pmap games before it's working. Looking good though. =)

23 January 2001 (tarball)
This snapshot compiles and links. It doesn't boot however. =)
I'm going on holidays as of this week, so no more development will happen until I return in mid-February.

14 January 2001 (tarball)
Pretty much everything has been either written (in some untested form) or given a stub function. The only things left are clock handling and locore.s.

12 January 2001 (tarball)
Down to 60-odd undefined references. I've wiped out all of the pmap_* ones by either adding in the function or, where that would require a lot of development, adding a stub. I'll flesh these functions out when I get to that point.

11 January 2001 (tarball)
No major changes in this snapshot, mainly just chasing up some of the easier to sort out undefined references. We're down to 144 now, but a large chunk of those are in locore.s, which is going to need a fairly big make-over anyway.

10 January 2001 (tarball)
I've started trying to bludgeon NetBSD's pmap code into submission. I've got it to compile, but it's definitely not finished yet. I need to go through and make sure that all the functions do what we actually need them to do, and also add some others by the looks. I've also included the sys/conf directory in this snapshot as it's got some files (eg files.powerpc) that are needed if you want to actually try and build this. (If you do want to try and build this, I wish you luck. =))

8 January 2001 (tarball)
First snapshot. This contains some committed stuff (some of the includes and the atomic operation code). There's a lot of stuff ripped from NetBSD/macppc and NetBSD/powerpc in here at the moment, a quantity of which is undoubtedly either unecessary or just plain wrong for FreeBSD. locore.s is wrong, it's just sitting there until I can actually link it all together and start working on making it right. At this point, the kernel compiles but can't link due to 280-odd undefined references.

Last Updated: 24 January 2001