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Beech Rintoul

I'm an independent system administrator and web designer from Anchorage, Alaska. Coming from a SunOS background, I found FreeBSD to be an easy transition and never looked back. I’ve been using (and recommending) FreeBSD since the early 4.x days. For the last few years I’ve been contributing to the ports collection in general and keeping my own collection up to date.

As a developer, I’m working on some new tools to install web apps and to clean up and standardize existing ports in that category.

As a committer and mentor, I’m working with many port maintainers helping them update existing ports and to properly code new ones.


Vendor relations. I have fostered close working relations with several developers and vendors, both open-source and commercial. As a result several now work directly with FreeBSD.

Member and contributor for the North American Beta Testers team with Skype and also help other FreeBSD committers maintain the port.



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