Welcome to the FreeBSD September 5 Doc Sprint

Handbook ebook conversion status:
- currently a semi-automatic process
- hopefully completely automatic once the xml docbook conversion is done and we can use the built-in epub xslt script from docbook
- a test version of the handbook is available at http://people.freebsd.org/~bcr/doc/epub/handbook_test.epub
Doc repo to SVN conversion status:
Doc cvs2svn conversion on the master FreeBSD.org servers will most likely at the earliest be possible Christmas break 2011 unless somebody other than simon@ is going to do the actual conversion on the master servers. It's still not certain it will be possible then as free time is uncertain currently. Should hopefully know more some time November.
This of course doesn't stop other people from preparing all the scripts etc. needed. If all the scripts etc. are ready it's much more likely it will be possible to do the conversion then.

New bsdinstall chapter for the handbook:
gcooper is currently creating a workflow (netinstall) as a screenshot tour. This should help documentation efforts. His notes are available here:

And the work in progress chapter is being created here (the rough draft, it will then be formatted to fix the doc style):

Volunteers willing to work on the new bsdinstall chapter:
- bcr
- gavin
- eadler (is new to doc, but willing to help)