FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

WebKit-gtk -- Multiple vulnerabilities

Affected packages
webkit-gtk2 < 1.4.8
webkit-gtk3 < 1.4.8


VuXML ID e9ccdb28-9802-11e4-9d9c-bcaec565249c
Discovery 2015-01-07
Entry 2015-01-09

Webkit release team reports:

This release fixes the following security issues: CVE-2014-1344, CVE-2014-1384, CVE-2014-1385, CVE-2014-1386, CVE-2014-1387, CVE-2014-1388, CVE-2014-1389, CVE-2014-1390.


CVE Name CVE-2014-1344
CVE Name CVE-2014-1384
CVE Name CVE-2014-1385
CVE Name CVE-2014-1386
CVE Name CVE-2014-1387
CVE Name CVE-2014-1388
CVE Name CVE-2014-1389
CVE Name CVE-2014-1390