FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

w3m - multiple vulnerabilities

Affected packages
ja-w3m <
ja-w3m-img <
w3m <
w3m-img <


VuXML ID e72d5bf5-07a0-11e8-8248-0021ccb9e74d
Discovery 2018-01-25
Entry 2018-02-01
Modified 2018-02-03

Tatsuya Kinoshita reports:

CVE-2018-6196 * table.c: Prevent negative indent value in feed_table_block_tag().

CVE-2018-6197 * form.c: Prevent invalid columnPos() call in formUpdateBuffer().

CVE-2018-6198 * config.h.dist,, configure,, main.c, rc.c: Make temporary directory safely when ~/.w3m is unwritable.


CVE Name CVE-2018-6196
CVE Name CVE-2018-6197
CVE Name CVE-2018-6198