FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

MySQL -- multiple vulnerabilities

Affected packages
mariadb55-server < 5.5.55
mariadb100-server < 10.0.31
mariadb101-server < 10.1.23
mysql55-server < 5.5.55
mysql56-server < 5.6.36
mysql57-server < 5.7.18


VuXML ID d9e01c35-2531-11e7-b291-b499baebfeaf
Discovery 2017-04-19
Entry 2017-04-19

Oracle reports:

This Critical Patch Update contains 39 new security fixes for Oracle MySQL. 11 of these vulnerabilities may be remotely exploitable without authentication, i.e., may be exploited over a network without requiring user credentials.


CVE Name CVE-2017-3305
CVE Name CVE-2017-3308
CVE Name CVE-2017-3309
CVE Name CVE-2017-3329
CVE Name CVE-2017-3331
CVE Name CVE-2017-3450
CVE Name CVE-2017-3452
CVE Name CVE-2017-3453
CVE Name CVE-2017-3454
CVE Name CVE-2017-3455
CVE Name CVE-2017-3456
CVE Name CVE-2017-3457
CVE Name CVE-2017-3458
CVE Name CVE-2017-3459
CVE Name CVE-2017-3460
CVE Name CVE-2017-3461
CVE Name CVE-2017-3462
CVE Name CVE-2017-3463
CVE Name CVE-2017-3464
CVE Name CVE-2017-3465
CVE Name CVE-2017-3467
CVE Name CVE-2017-3468
CVE Name CVE-2017-3599
CVE Name CVE-2017-3600