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kdeconnect -- packet manipulation can be exploited in a Denial of Service attack

Affected packages
kdeconnect-kde <= 20.08.1


VuXML ID c71ed065-0600-11eb-8758-e0d55e2a8bf9
Discovery 2020-10-02
Entry 2020-10-04

Albert Astals Cid reports:

KDE Project Security Advisory
Title KDE Connect: packet manipulation can be exploited in a Denial of Service attack
Risk Rating Important
CVE CVE-2020-26164
Versions kdeconnect <= 20.08.1
Author Albert Vaca Cintora <>
Date 2 October 2020

An attacker on your local network could send maliciously crafted packets to other hosts running kdeconnect on the network, causing them to use large amounts of CPU, memory or network connections, which could be used in a Denial of Service attack within the network.


Computers that run kdeconnect are susceptible to DoS attacks from the local network.


We advise you to stop KDE Connect when on untrusted networks like those on airports or conferences.

Since kdeconnect is dbus activated it is relatively hard to make sure it stays stopped so the brute force approach is to uninstall the kdeconnect package from your system and then run

	      kquitapp5 kdeconnectd

Just install the package again once you're back in a trusted network.


KDE Connect 20.08.2 patches several code paths that could result in a DoS.

You can apply these patches on top of 20.08.1:


Thanks Matthias Gerstner and the openSUSE security team for reporting the issue.

Thanks to Aleix Pol, Nicolas Fella and Albert Vaca Cintora for the patches.


CVE Name CVE-2020-26164