FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

typo3 -- Multiple vulnerabilities in TYPO3 Core

Affected packages
4.5.0 <= typo3 < 4.5.23
4.6.0 <= typo3 < 4.6.16
4.7.0 <= typo3 < 4.7.8
6.0.0 <= typo3 < 6.0.2


VuXML ID b9a347ac-8671-11e2-b73c-0019d18c446a
Discovery 2013-03-06
Entry 2013-03-06

Typo Security Team reports:

Extbase Framework - Failing to sanitize user input, the Extbase database abstraction layer is susceptible to SQL Injection. TYPO3 sites which have no Extbase extensions installed are not affected. Extbase extensions are affected if they use the Query Object Model and relation values are user generated input. Credits go to Helmut Hummel and Markus Opahle who discovered and reported the issue.

Access tracking mechanism - Failing to validate user provided input, the access tracking mechanism allows redirects to arbitrary URLs. To fix this vulnerability, we had to break existing behaviour of TYPO3 sites that use the access tracking mechanism (jumpurl feature) to transform links to external sites. The link generation has been changed to include a hash that is checked before redirecting to an external URL. This means that old links that have been distributed (e.g. by a newsletter) will not work any more.