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django -- multiple vulnerabilities

Affected packages
py27-django < 1.8.4
py32-django < 1.8.4
py33-django < 1.8.4
py34-django < 1.8.4
py27-django17 < 1.7.10
py32-django17 < 1.7.10
py33-django17 < 1.7.10
py34-django17 < 1.7.10
py27-django14 < 1.4.22
py32-django14 < 1.4.22
py33-django14 < 1.4.22
py34-django14 < 1.4.22
py27-django-devel <= 20150709,1
py32-django-devel <= 20150709,1
py33-django-devel <= 20150709,1
py34-django-devel <= 20150709,1


VuXML ID b0e54dc1-45d2-11e5-adde-14dae9d210b8
Discovery 2015-08-18
Entry 2015-08-18

Tim Graham reports:

Denial-of-service possibility in logout() view by filling session store

Previously, a session could be created when anonymously accessing the django.contrib.auth.views.logout view (provided it wasn't decorated with django.contrib.auth.decorators.login_required as done in the admin). This could allow an attacker to easily create many new session records by sending repeated requests, potentially filling up the session store or causing other users' session records to be evicted.

The django.contrib.sessions.middleware.SessionMiddleware has been modified to no longer create empty session records.

This portion of the fix has been assigned CVE-2015-5963.

Additionally, on the 1.4 and 1.7 series only, the contrib.sessions.backends.base.SessionBase.flush() and cache_db.SessionStore.flush() methods have been modified to avoid creating a new empty session. Maintainers of third-party session backends should check if the same vulnerability is present in their backend and correct it if so.

This portion of the fix has been assigned CVE-2015-5964. Anyone reporting a similar vulnerability in a third-party session backend should not use this CVE ID.

Thanks Lin Hua Cheng for reporting the issue.


CVE Name CVE-2015-5963
CVE Name CVE-2015-5964