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PostgresSQL -- TYPE in pg_temp execute arbitrary SQL during `SECURITY DEFINER` execution

Affected packages
postgresql11-server < 11.5
postgresql10-server < 10.10
postgresql96-server < 9.6.15
postgresql95-server < 9.5.19
postgresql94-server < 9.4.24


VuXML ID 9de4c1c1-b9ee-11e9-82aa-6cc21735f730
Discovery 2019-08-08
Entry 2019-08-08

The PostgreSQL project reports:

Versions Affected: 9.4 - 11

Given a suitable `SECURITY DEFINER` function, an attacker can execute arbitrary SQL under the identity of the function owner. An attack requires `EXECUTE` permission on the function, which must itself contain a function call having inexact argument type match. For example, `length('foo'::varchar)` and `length('foo')` are inexact, while `length('foo'::text)` is exact. As part of exploiting this vulnerability, the attacker uses `CREATE DOMAIN` to create a type in a `pg_temp` schema. The attack pattern and fix are similar to that for CVE-2007-2138.

Writing `SECURITY DEFINER` functions continues to require following the considerations noted in the documentation:

Versions Affected: 11

In a database containing hypothetical, user-defined hash equality operators, an attacker could read arbitrary bytes of server memory. For an attack to become possible, a superuser would need to create unusual operators. It is possible for operators not purpose-crafted for attack to have the properties that enable an attack, but we are not aware of specific examples.


CVE Name CVE-2019-10208
CVE Name CVE-2019-10209