FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

subversion -- several vulnerabilities

Affected packages
1.0.0 <= subversion16 < 1.7.18
1.0.0 <= subversion17 < 1.7.18
1.0.0 <= subversion < 1.7.18
1.8.0 <= subversion < 1.8.10


VuXML ID 83a418cc-2182-11e4-802c-20cf30e32f6d
Discovery 2014-08-06
Entry 2014-08-11

Subversion Project reports:

Using the Serf RA layer of Subversion for HTTPS uses the apr_fnmatch API to handle matching wildcards in certificate Common Names and Subject Alternate Names. However, apr_fnmatch is not designed for this purpose. Instead it is designed to behave like common shell globbing. In particular this means that '*' is not limited to a single label within a hostname (i.e. it will match '.'). But even further apr_fnmatch supports '?' and character classes (neither of which are part of the RFCs defining how certificate validation works).

Subversion stores cached credentials by an MD5 hash based on the URL and the authentication realm of the server the credentials are cached for. MD5 has been shown to be subject to chosen plaintext hash collisions. This means it may be possible to generate an authentication realm which results in the same MD5 hash for a different URL.


CVE Name CVE-2014-3522
CVE Name CVE-2014-3528