FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

kde-runtime -- incorrect CBC encryption handling

Affected packages
kde-runtime < 4.12_3


VuXML ID 7a8a74d1-9c34-11e4-a40b-5453ed2e2b49
Discovery 2015-01-09
Entry 2015-01-14

Valentin Rusu reports:

Until KDE Applications 14.12.0, kwalletd incorrectly handled CBC encryption blocks when encrypting secrets in kwl files. The secrets were still encrypted, but the result binary data corresponded to an ECB encrypted block instead of CBC.

The ECB encryption algorithm, even if it'll scramble user data, will produce same encrypted byte sequence for the same input text. As a result, attackers may eventually find-out the encrypted text.


CVE Name CVE-2013-7252