FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

drupal -- cross site scripting (utf8)

Affected packages
drupal5 < 5.6
drupal4 < 4.7.11


VuXML ID 6f736456-c060-11dc-982e-001372fd0af2
Discovery 2008-01-10
Entry 2008-01-11
Modified 2010-05-12

The Drupal Project reports:

When outputting plaintext Drupal strips potentially dangerous HTML tags and attributes from HTML, and escapes characters which have a special meaning in HTML. This output filtering secures the site against cross site scripting attacks via user input.

Certain byte sequences that are invalid in the UTF8 specification are not handled properly by Internet Explorer 6 and may lead it to see a multibyte start character where none is present. Internet Explorer 6 then consumes a number of subsequent UTF-8 characters. This may lead to unsafe attributes that were outside a tag for the filter to appear inside a tag for Internet Explorer 6. This behaviour can then be used to insert and execute javascript in the context of the website.


CVE Name CVE-2008-0273