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ruby -- Hash-flooding DoS vulnerability for ruby 1.9

Affected packages
1.9 <= ruby <


VuXML ID 5e647ca3-2aea-11e2-b745-001fd0af1a4c
Discovery 2012-11-10
Entry 2012-11-10

The official ruby site reports:

Carefully crafted sequence of strings can cause a denial of service attack on the service that parses the sequence to create a Hash object by using the strings as keys. For instance, this vulnerability affects web application that parses the JSON data sent from untrusted entity.

This vulnerability is similar to CVS-2011-4815 for ruby 1.8.7. ruby 1.9 versions were using modified MurmurHash function but it's reported that there is a way to create sequence of strings that collide their hash values each other. This fix changes the Hash function of String object from the MurmurHash to SipHash 2-4.


CVE Name CVE-2012-5371