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gitlab -- Various security issues

Affected packages
8.7.0 <= gitlab <= 8.15.7
8.16.0 <= gitlab <= 8.16.7
8.17.0 <= gitlab <= 8.17.3


VuXML ID 5d62950f-3bb5-11e7-93f7-d43d7e971a1b
Discovery 2017-03-20
Entry 2017-05-18
Modified 2017-05-30

GitLab reports:

Information Disclosure in Issue and Merge Request Trackers

During an internal code review a critical vulnerability in the GitLab Issue and Merge Request trackers was discovered. This vulnerability could allow a user with access to assign ownership of an issue or merge request to another user to disclose that user's private token, email token, email address, and encrypted OTP secret. Reporter-level access to a GitLab project is required to exploit this flaw.

SSRF when importing a project from a Repo by URL

GitLab instances that have enabled project imports using "Repo by URL" were vulnerable to Server-Side Request Forgery attacks. By specifying a project import URL of localhost an attacker could target services that are bound to the local interface of the server. These services often do not require authentication. Depending on the service an attacker might be able craft an attack using the project import request URL.

Links in Environments tab vulnerable to tabnabbing

edio via HackerOne reported that user-configured Environment links include target=_blank but do not also include rel: noopener noreferrer. Anyone clicking on these links may therefore be subjected to tabnabbing attacks where a link back to the requesting page is maintained and can be manipulated by the target server.

Accounts with email set to "Do not show on profile" have addresses exposed in public atom feed

Several GitLab users reported that even with "Do not show on profile" configured for their email addresses those addresses were still being leaked in Atom feeds if they commented on a public project.


CVE Name CVE-2017-0882