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LibreOffice -- Remote arbitrary file disclosure vulnerability via WEBSERVICE formula

Affected packages
libreoffice < 5.4.5
6.0.0 <= libreoffice < 6.0.1


VuXML ID 289269f1-0def-11e8-99b0-d017c2987f9a
Discovery 2018-02-09
Entry 2018-02-23

LibreOffice reports:

LibreOffice Calc supports a WEBSERVICE function to obtain data by URL. Vulnerable versions of LibreOffice allow WEBSERVICE to take a local file URL (e.g file://) which can be used to inject local files into the spreadsheet without warning the user. Subsequent formulas can operate on that inserted data and construct a remote URL whose path leaks the local data to a remote attacker.

In later versions of LibreOffice without this flaw, WEBSERVICE has now been limited to accessing http and https URLs along with bringing WEBSERVICE URLs under LibreOffice Calc's link management infrastructure.

Note: This vulnerability has been identified upstream as CVE-2018-1055, but NVD/Mitre are advising it's a reservation duplicate of CVE-2018-6871 which should be used instead.


CVE Name CVE-2018-6871
FreeBSD PR ports/225797