FreeBSD VuXML: Documenting security issues in FreeBSD and the FreeBSD Ports Collection

VirtualBox -- Multiple vulnerabilities

Affected packages
5.2 <= virtualbox-ose < 5.2.44
6.0 <= virtualbox-ose < 6.0.24
6.1 <= virtualbox-ose < 6.1.12


VuXML ID 1e7b316b-c6a8-11ea-a7d5-001999f8d30b
Discovery 2020-07-14
Entry 2020-07-19

Oracle reports:

Vulnerabilities in VirtualBox core can allow users with logon access to the infrastructure where Oracle VM VirtualBox executes to compromise Oracle VM VirtualBox. Successful attacks of these vulnerabilities can result in unauthorized access to critical data, access to all Oracle VM VirtualBox accessible data, unauthorized ability to cause a hang or frequently repeatable crash (complete DOS) or takeover of Oracle VM VirtualBox.


CVE Name CVE-2020-14628
CVE Name CVE-2020-14629
CVE Name CVE-2020-14646
CVE Name CVE-2020-14647
CVE Name CVE-2020-14648
CVE Name CVE-2020-14649
CVE Name CVE-2020-14650
CVE Name CVE-2020-14673
CVE Name CVE-2020-14674
CVE Name CVE-2020-14675
CVE Name CVE-2020-14676
CVE Name CVE-2020-14677
CVE Name CVE-2020-14694
CVE Name CVE-2020-14695
CVE Name CVE-2020-14698
CVE Name CVE-2020-14699
CVE Name CVE-2020-14700
CVE Name CVE-2020-14703
CVE Name CVE-2020-14704
CVE Name CVE-2020-14707
CVE Name CVE-2020-14711
CVE Name CVE-2020-14712
CVE Name CVE-2020-14713
CVE Name CVE-2020-14714
CVE Name CVE-2020-14715