I am Konrad Jankowski. Welcome to my private site.

Here is some stuff I'd like to share:

Pcsx1.5 FreeBSD patch

to make it work on FreeBSD:
patch and patched version
Also my unfinished GL accelerated GPU plugin

libusb FreeBSD patch

I wrote this to gen Moto4lin to work. Lack of information caused this patch wasn't accepted.


Simple WEP arpreplay attack, working out-of-the-box. Written out of dissatisfaction with lack of working tools at that time for FreeBSD.

VIA drm FreeBSD patch

Simple patch to get Via DRM (kernel resource manager for the VIA Unichrome cards, needed to make OpenGL accelerated) to compile. Just to compile, not to work. ;)

Original VIA driver for Unichrome patch

The only driver that supports dualhead, so it doesn't leave much choice for me. Get from ViaArena. Patch is trivial, but you also need comment out some stuff from /usr/local/include/xorg/*, like xf86ioctl() for example, during compilation. I really hope I get 3D working on FreeBSD, given I have same spare time. See above.
Also my xorg.conf, to fight the lack of documentation from VIA's side.

I can be contacted at konrad [at] FreeBSD [dot] org

If you wonder we've met before, I've been/am known as 'versus' and 'lichave' to some.