Ummm... I spend most of my time doing FreeBSD, reading, learning, writing, scaring people in Wal-mart, and attending clubs. I cannot stand people who are ignorant, close-minded and people who do not know how to type. I am supposedly easy to get along with. Who knows? Sometimes I am just too nice to people. I like sleep. And listening to music. And sleeping while listening to music. I like being on dance floors. And I like when people give me weird looks when they think I'm talking to myself. I don't like angry oatmeal, and I hate myself. I get depressed when I look at old people, and pissed off when dogs lick me. I sing in the shower and have a wild imagination. I hate you if you tell me I'm short. I hate you if you ask if my ass is real. I hate you if you point out that I wear boots all the time, and I hate you if you think I couldn't hate you more than I already do. But I love you if you happen to be my friend, which is a rarity. I'm very protective, and become aggressive if somebody messes with someone I like. Really, that just means I'm a stupid blonde. I often wonder what a mailbox thinks, and I get into fights with inanimate objects. I don't win. I think 'spoons' a funny word, and I hate to eat. I'm an overall normal and boring person.

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