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After completing (most of) the ALTQ base import, now it's time for the
driver modifications. Here is a list of individual patches. If you have any
of these cards, please test and send me your feedback!!!

An ALTQ kernel must include the following additional options:
 options	ALTQ
 options	ALTQ_CBQ	# Class Bases Queueing
 options	ALTQ_RED	# Random Early Drop
 options	ALTQ_RIO	# RED In/Out
 options	ALTQ_HFSC	# Hierarchical Packet Scheduler
 options	ALTQ_CDNR	# Traffic conditioner
 options	ALTQ_PRIQ	# Prioirity Queueing
 options	ALTQ_NOPCC	# Required for SMP build

for pf built-in use:
 device 	pf
 device		pflog

Minimal test consists of the following:
 1)  Make sure that your card/setup works w/o modifications.
 1a) Do some performance tests (netperf tcp_range_script considerd helpful).
 2)  Apply the patch and install.
 3)  Make sure the card works as is (w/o ALTQ enabled).
 3a) Run the performance test again (and look for changes).
 4)  Enable altq and test w/ "full speed" and "limited" peer (
 4a) Run the performance test one last time to see if full speed is affected
     and if limited is accurate.

The performance tests are optional, but it's actually the best way to test.

I am also looking for code review and additional patches!

Remember, the best way to get this committed asap is to really test and

 driver	| status  | comments ...
 arl	| NOTESTS | untested
 aue	| NOTESTS | untested
ixgb	| NOTESTS | See:
 kue	| NOTESTS | untested
 pcn	| NOTESTS | untested
	|	  |  20041008 - updated w/ green's dc fix
vlan	| NOTESTS | Dmitry Sergienko <dmitry (a] trifle [dot) net>
  an	| DONE    | tested okay (Vaidas Damosevicius <vd (a] vmunix [dot) lt>
 ath	| DONE    | tested okay (Vaidas Damosevicius <vd (a] vmunix [dot) lt>
 awi	| DONE    | untested
 bfe	| DONE    | tested w/ buggy card+switch combination seems to work
 bge	| DONE    | minimal different version tested & committed by des
	|	  |  20041008 - udpated w/ green's dc fix
  dc	| DONE    | tested okay (green) (committed w/ changes)
  de	| DONE    | tested okay (Dennis Berger <db (a] nipsi [dot) de>
	|	  |  20040627 - updated w/ patch from Dennis Berger
  ed	| DONE    | Dmitry Sergienko <dmitry (a] trifle [dot) net> and pav@EFnet
  em	| DONE    | tested okay w/ 100Mbit (myself)
  ep	| DONE    | tested okay (Baroo <baroo (a] poczta [dot) onet [dot) pl>
 fxp	| DONE    | tested okay (Dennis Berger <db (a] nipsi [dot) de>
	|	  |  20040622 - fix missing check for successful dequeue
 hme	| DONE    | tested okay (Pyun YongHyeon <yongari (a] kt-is [dot) co [dot) kr>
	|	  |  20040728 - patch from Pyun YongHyeon via sparc64@ ML
 lnc	| DONE    | tested okay w/ real hardware and vmware
  my	| DONE    | brueffer
ndis	| DONE    | tested okay w/ Intel LAN 2100 3A Mini PCI
	|	  |  20040620 - added #if __FreeBSD_version as req. by wpaul
  sf	| DONE    | Christian Brueffer (brueffer)
 sis	| DONE    | tested okay (Dan Cojocar <dan.cojocar (a] gmail [dot) com>
  sk	| DONE    | tested okay (Ender <ender (a] tog [dot) net>
 ste	| DONE    | brueffer
 tun	| DONE    | tested okay w/ ppp on ADLS 128/768, 1M/3M
  re	| DONE    | submitted by (Chris Dionissopoulos <dionch att freemail!gr>
	|	  |  20050312 - updated from kern/78681
  rl	| DONE    | tested okay (Mario Doria <mariodoria (a] yahoo [dot) com>
 vge	| DONE    | Christian Brueffer (brueffer)
  vr	| DONE    | tested okay (Roman Divacky <xdivac02 (a] stud [dot) fit [dot) vutbr [dot) cz>
	|	  |  20040727 - Roman submitted a new (reject free) version
  wi	| DONE    | tested okay (Vaidas Damosevicius <vd (a] vmunix [dot) lt>
	|	  |  20040718 - updated with better version, please retest!
  xl	| DONE    | tested okay (Mario Doria <mariodoria (a] yahoo [dot) com>
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