I used to be a FreeBSD ports committer and a CS student, and then things happened and I was forced to have a real life(tm) and earn money. Working on FreeBSD was easily the best time I ever had and during that time I did the most useful work I have ever done so far in my life. Some seven years after my last commit I am now quite fed up with working in IT and large parts of the internet, but I still do and probably forever will regret that I had to leave here - and especially the way I left, without so much as a goodbye and getting things in order. Working on free software in the middle of the Microsoft Decade unfortunately was not a brilliant career launchpad, but it taught me pretty much every marketable skill I now possess. Thanks to all of you guys, you know who you are. If anybody reads this, remembers me and does not immediately think "What an asshole, too bad they didn't get run over by a truck", mail sent to my @freebsd.org address does still make it through to me, if you want to get in touch. Or if you *do* think that and want to tell me so, that's fine, too. Cheers -- Michael