3 Chroot Build Environment Setup

Package builds are performed in a chroot populated by the portbuild script using the ${arch}/${branch}/builds/${buildid}/bindist.tar file.

The following command builds a world from the ${arch}/${branch}/src tree and installs it into ${worlddir}. The tree will be updated first unless -nocvs is specified.

/var/portbuild# scripts/makeworld ${arch} ${branch} ${buildid} [-nocvs]

The bindist.tar tarball is created from the previously installed world by the mkbindist script. It should be run as root with the following command:

/var/portbuild# scripts/mkbindist ${arch} ${branch} ${buildid}

The per-machine tarballs are located in ${arch}/clients.

The bindist.tar file is extracted onto each client at client boot time, and at the start of each pass of the dopackages script.

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