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Problem Reports modified in the last day

The following is a listing of FreeBSD Problem Reports which have been modified in the last day as of 4-20-2014. It is generated once per day.

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o2014/01/23amd64/186038amd64[panic] FreeBSD 10/AMD64 panics on HP Proliant Microserver
o2013/12/19amd64/185003amd64[panic] Random kernel panics
f2013/12/18amd64/184966linimonbuildworld fail
o2013/05/05amd64/178357amd64[amd64] [patch] export CPU physical and virtual address sizes in sysctl oids using do_cpuid
o2011/12/06amd64/163092amd64[ahci] FreeBSD 9.0-RC2 fails to boot from raid-z2 if AHCI is enabled
5 problems total.


p2013/11/05arm/183668ian[panic] Panic when read unalign in ddb
1 problem total.


o2014/04/17bin/188726[libexec] [patch] Add "NoReverseDNS" feature
o2014/04/17bin/188715int64 not handled right as arg on badsect(8), possible other issues lurking
o2014/03/21bin/187810cc(1): compiler does not work on FreeBSD 10
o2014/01/22bin/186000zdb(8): zdb -S poolname no longer works
o2014/01/10bin/185648[patch] fmtree(8) is unnecessarily noisy
o2014/01/10bin/185646nmtree(8) segfaults on "malformed mtree files"
p2013/12/23bin/185138mariusmakefs(8) doesn't record serial numbers in rock ridge extensions
o2013/07/09bin/180414[patch] xlint(1) should use $CC
o2012/11/05bin/173389calendar(1) displays wrong date for election day
o2012/06/14bin/169053[PATCH] pkg_create(1): argument of pkg_create --prefix option always resolved
o2012/05/09bin/167744[patch] adduser(8): enclose with double quotes: $_input --> "$_input"
o2012/02/28bin/165516[patch] calendar(1) for Austria for Ash Wednesday wrong by a week.
o2012/02/14bin/165120ed(1) and sed(1) - tmp file handling - security and location
o2012/02/10bin/164947[patch] tee(1) loses data when writing to non-blocking file descriptors
14 problems total.


o2014/04/17conf/188714[patch] A bug in fortune message db
1 problem total.


o2014/04/19docs/188786docBug in inet(3) man page (inet_aton())
1 problem total.


o2014/01/09gnu/185603csh(1) eats memory
o2012/05/20gnu/168166nm(1): nm -l failed
2 problems total.


o2014/04/09i386/188388i386[panic] double fault / syscall sys_sys_exit
o2014/04/05i386/188280i386[panic] Kernel panic: page fault
o2014/04/01i386/188162i386[panic] Fatal trap 12: page fault while in kernel mode (in function pmap_remove_pages)
o2012/09/06i386/171379i386[i386] Prototype/Body Mismatch for i386 legacy_pcib_read_config
o2012/08/17i386/170705i386[rtc] [patch] AT realtime clock support routines fail on some RTC hardware.
5 problems total.


o2014/03/19ia64/187739ia64[fxp] [panic] fxp(4) causes panic on ia64
o2014/03/03ia64/187219ia64[panic] 11.0-CURRENT #20 r260914: Panic String: deadlkres: possible deadlock detected for 0xe000000012079b00, blocked for 1801960 ticks
p2013/10/23ia64/183227marcelpanic: uma_zfree: Freeing to non free bucket index.
p2013/10/15ia64/182999marcelia64 r255488: panic: wrong page state m 0xe00000027fcc1900
4 problems total.


o2014/04/18kern/188753jail[jail] mount devfs ruleset ignored
p2014/04/13kern/188543ae[ipfw] ipfw option `in` is not working on FreeBSD10
o2014/04/11kern/188469[build] buildworld fails for 10.0-RELEASE
o2014/04/08kern/188369xen[xen] [panic] FreeBSD 10 XENHVM panic under NetBSD Dom0 (xn_txeof: WARNING: response is -1)
o2014/04/03kern/188219[panic] Multiple kernel panic on multiple servers on multiple freebsd versions
o2014/04/02kern/188187fs[zfs] [panic] 10-stable: Kernel panic on zpool import: integer divide fault
o2014/03/27kern/188018jail[jail] [vimage] Running pfctl -sr -v in Jail with VIMAGE crashes host
o2014/03/26kern/187980net[igmp] IGMP query not responded to between 2 FreeBSD hosts
o2014/03/26kern/187965acpi[acpi] [patch] Intel Baytrail-M NUC panics because of buggy ACPI table
o2014/03/21kern/187816[panic] ia64 11.0-CURRENT #13 r262690: fatal kernel trap: Page Not Present
o2014/03/13kern/187527[panic] sparc64 11.0-CURRENT #1 r263096: Panic String: vm_page_alloc: page 0xfffff8003e961f10 has unexpected queue 1
o2014/03/04kern/187261fs[fusefs] FUSE kernel panic when using socket / bind
o2014/03/02kern/187194net[hang] Server hangs if -arp is present on an IP address
o2014/02/26kern/187080[panic] sparc64 r261798: Panic String: vm_page_alloc: page 0xfffff8003feea008 is wired
o2014/02/25kern/187015[panic] make_dev_credv: bad si_name (error=17, si_name=agpgart)
o2014/02/20kern/186909emulation[hyper-v] [panic] Stable GENERIC kernel panic on hyperv 2012 OS
o2014/02/14kern/186760[panic] sparc64 11.0-CURRENT #9 r260689 panic: Bad link elm 0xfffff8017ef106d8 prev->next != elm
o2014/02/13kern/186720fs[xfs] is xfs now unsupported in the kernel?
o2014/02/09kern/186570melifaro[ipfw] ipfw interprets incomplete (3 octets) ip in a table as an wildcard that match whole traffic.
o2014/02/02kern/186375xen[xen] FreeBSD 10 is very unstable on Xen 4.1(XCP 1.6)
o2014/02/02kern/186360jail[jail] jail using nullfs and unionfs doesn't mount devfs
o2014/02/01kern/186346[ahci] [regression] ahci(4) thousands of warnings Timeout on slot 22
o2014/01/31kern/186297[ahci] ahci0: 0x400 bytes of rid 0x24 res 3 failed (0, 0xffffffff)
o2014/01/24kern/186066pfg[ext2fs] can not change file permisions, owner for spacial files in ext2fs
o2014/01/23kern/186051emulation[vmware] [panic] FreeBSD 8.4+, 9.x+, 10.0 guest panic with VMWare Server on boot
o2014/01/22kern/185996net[ip6] For IPv6, ipsec_address returns pointer to corrupted data
o2014/01/21kern/185967net[lagg] [patch] Link Aggregation LAGG: LACP not working in 10.0
o2014/01/19kern/185877[panic] Kernel panic on 10.0/amd64 on resume from suspend
o2014/01/19kern/185873dchagin[linux] waitpid() in linux threads fails with ECHILD
o2014/01/17kern/185849emulation[vmx] TSO in vmx driver broken
o2014/01/16kern/185827fs[nfs] [panic] Kernel Panic after upgrading NFS server from FreeBSD 9.1 to 9.2
o2014/01/14kern/185771[panic] early kernel panic with RADIX_MPATH kernel option
f2014/01/13kern/185748[panic] Kernel Panics in 10.0-RC4
o2014/01/13kern/185734fs[zfs] [panic] panic on stable/10 when writing to ZFS disk
o2014/01/13kern/185727alcDevices fail to probe on 128GB or larger memory machines
o2014/01/10kern/185629cy[ipfilter] IP Filter reports "bad" packets on fxp interface with tso4
o2014/01/09kern/185596[bce] in_cksum_skip: out of data by 41310 in 8.4
o2014/01/05kern/185478wireless[iwi] [panic] panic in iwi0 driver
o2014/01/04kern/185476[panic] freebsd-update(8): after binary update from FreeBSD 9.1 to 9.2 i have 36 kernel panic
o2014/01/02kern/185427net[igb] [panic] freebsd 8.4, 9.1 and 9.2 panic Double-Fault with intel 82576 igb driver
o2013/12/31kern/185374fs[msdosfs] [panic] Unmounting msdos filesystem in a bad state causes kernel panic
p2013/12/22kern/185092melifaropanic: rtfree 2 (using RADIX_MPATH in a VNET jail)
o2013/12/20kern/185025wireless[iwi] [panic] iwi driver panic on 10.0rc2
o2013/12/17kern/184951[psm] ps2 mouse detected but no psm0 device created
o2013/12/15kern/184771fs[nfs] [panic] panic on nfs mount
o2013/12/12kern/184711[panic] Fatal trap 9: general protection fault while in kernel mode
o2013/11/20kern/184098[cam] [panic] Qlogic fibre channel target causes kernel panic/reboot
o2013/11/14kern/183970net[ofed] [vlan] [panic] mellanox drivers and vlan usage causes kernel panic and reboot
o2013/11/04kern/183663[panic] general protection fault
o2013/10/28kern/183417mckusick[softupdates] [panic] fault on nofault entry in softdep_setup_freeblocks
o2013/10/28kern/183397xen[xen] [panic] Kernel panic at first incoming ssh under Xen 4.2 with NetBSD Dom0
o2013/10/17kern/183042[panic] Machine kernel panic'ed, now fsck is segfaulting
p2013/10/14kern/182964mm[pf] panics on 10-BETA1 r256398 with VIMAGE and pf
o2013/10/08kern/182818[ata] [ahci] Slow writes to AHCI SATA on Soekris net6501 (Intel EG20T) in *BSD
o2013/10/06kern/182739[panic] sysutils/fusefs-kmod kernel panic on rsync
o2013/09/30kern/182498[panic] over 19 kernel panics
o2013/09/09kern/181966fs[zfs] [panic] Kernel panic in ZFS I/O: solaris assert: BP_EQUAL(bp, &zio->io_bp_orig); zio.c line 2955 [9.2/amd64]
o2013/08/09kern/181161wireless[wl] [panic] config a old compaq wl-110 wireless card make kernel panic
o2013/07/27kern/180894[panic] rm -rf causes kernel panic
o2013/07/27kern/180881[panic] Attack invalid user in mpd causes kernel panic.
o2013/06/26kern/180006[panic] Kernel panic
o2013/01/06kern/175071fs[softupdates] [panic] softdep_deallocate_dependencies: unrecovered I/O error
o2012/11/03kern/173322[amd64] [i386] [patch] Inline atomic operations in modules
o2012/10/31kern/173235fs[smbfs] [panic] Have received two crashes within 1 day after installing new packages: Fatal trap 12: page fault in kernel mode
o2012/10/23kern/173002net[net] [patch] data type size problem in if_spppsubr.c
o2012/10/23kern/172977[aic7xxx] [patch] aic7xxx: Mark stop() function as noreturn
o2012/09/28kern/172133[aic7xxx] [patch] Change Adaptec 39320LPE to 29320LPE in aic79xx_pci.c
o2012/09/26kern/172092fs[zfs] [panic] zfs import panics kernel
o2012/07/29kern/170255[panic] Often panic at NDIS startup
o2012/07/02kern/169608[libc] the mmap(), mprotect(), and munmap() functions get screwed by some corner-case arguments
o2012/06/06kern/168754wireless[ath] if_ath dont have internal name
o2012/05/29kern/168440net[ixgbe] [patch] ixgbe flow control tunable regression
o2012/05/28kern/168414net[ixgbe] [patch] ixgbe commit r234137 introduces code/comment mismatch
o2012/05/11kern/167793net[arp] mbuf leak if arp address is multicast
o2012/02/22kern/165392fs[ufs] [patch] Multiple mkdir/rmdir fails with errno 31
o2012/02/20kern/165318[cam] [usb] Western Digital Passport no longer "removable"
o2012/02/10kern/164957emulation[linux] [hang] Linux emulation freezes machine after heavy usage of cpu and memory
f2012/02/07kern/164844linimon[zfs] [mpt] [panic] Kernel Panic with ZFS and LSI Logic SAS/SATA controller
p2011/12/15kern/163312wireless[panic] [ath] kernel panic: page fault with ath0 taskq
o2011/10/31kern/162195fs[softupdates] [panic] panic with soft updates journaling during umount -f
o2011/08/29kern/160293net[ieee80211] [panic] kernel panic during network setup at boot
o2011/05/19kern/157179fs[zfs] [panic] zfs/dbuf.c: panic: solaris assert: arc_buf_remove_ref(db->db_buf, db) == 0
o2010/11/04kern/151942fs[zfs] [panic] panic during ls(1) zfs snapshot directory
o2010/05/18kern/146708fs[softupdates] [panic] Kernel panic in softdep_disk_write_complete
o2009/08/09kern/137592wireless[ath] [panic] panic - 7-STABLE (Aug 7, 2009 UTC) crashes on network
f2008/02/05kern/120282imp[ath] [panic] resource_list_release: resource entry is not busy in FreeBSD 7.0
o2007/10/13kern/117158fs[zfs] [panic] zpool scrub causes panic if geli vdevs detach on last close
87 problems total.


o2014/01/14misc/185769[build] Installing world and kernel not from /usr/src produces "mkdir: Argument list too long"
f2013/09/30misc/182513linimon[build] Cross build failed with segfault of clang
f2013/09/23misc/182319linimon[build] error building world with WITHOUT_KERBEROS
f2013/07/10misc/180443linimonSVN can't connect to
4 problems total.


f2014/04/19ports/188805swills[PATCH] www/pyblosxom: stage
o2014/04/19ports/188804sunpoet[PATCH] www/p5-Apache-Session-SQLite3: Added LICENSE, take maintainership
o2014/04/19ports/188803multimedia[update/patch] multimedia/gstreamer1-libav 1.2.3 to 1.2.4, old one unstable
o2014/04/19ports/188802nivit[PATCH] www/py-urlgrabber: stage
o2014/04/19ports/188801sunpoet[MAINTAINER] math/jakarta-commons-math3: update to 3.2
f2014/04/19ports/188800swills[PATCH] lang/rust: update to 0.10
o2014/04/19ports/188799xfceprint/xfce4-print does not build when CUPS support is enaled
f2014/04/19ports/188798[PATCH] games/xlogical: maintainer update
o2014/04/19ports/188797kwm[patch update] fix print/harfbuzz build on 9.2p4
o2014/04/19ports/188795multimediamultimedia/gstreamer-plugins-mpeg2enc references "old" mjpegtools
f2014/04/19ports/188794x11-wm/compton version update to latest commit
o2014/04/19ports/188793sylvio[PATCH] fix build of databases/rrdtool on CURRENT
o2014/04/19ports/188790bf[patch] math/libflame fix PORT_OPTIONS
o2014/04/19ports/188789sunpoet[MAINTAINER] www/py-jonpy: STAGE, OPTIONSNG and LICENSE
o2014/04/19ports/188788sunpoet[PATCH] www/p5-Apache-Session-SharedMem: Added LICENSE, take maintainership
o2014/04/18ports/188775Update databases/riak to 1.4.8
o2014/04/18ports/188765hrsprint/teTeX-base 3.0_25 doesn't build
o2014/03/31ports/188133geckowww/firefox coredumps when rewinding HTML5 video content provided by multimedia/gstreamer1-libav
o2014/03/21ports/187819xmj[PATCH] deskutils/FBReader: update to 0.99.6
f2014/03/20ports/187793pawel[patch] x11-wm/herbstluftwm update to 0.6.0
o2014/03/18ports/187709rmsysutils/ldap-account-manager version update
o2014/03/18ports/187687jhale[MAINTAINER] multimedia/transcode: Use OPTIONS helpers
o2014/03/01ports/187177officeeditors/libreoffice: c++: error: unable to execute command: Abort trap
o2014/01/06ports/185541tobezlang/perl5.16: Perl 5.16.3_6 - overload arg '..' is invalid at Math/ line 153.
f2013/11/25ports/184281Update mail/dcc-dccd to 1.3.152
o2013/08/25ports/181529[panic] sysutils/devcpu-data: Panic after CPU microcode update
o2013/07/27ports/180896cysysutils/cfengine35: can't use edit_xml because libxml2 not found
o2012/09/04ports/171313gaborboth archivers/freeze 2.5_2 and multimedia/mlt 0.8.0_1 install /usr/local/bin/melt
28 problems total.


p2014/04/16usb/188683hselasky[usb] [patch] dwc_otg FDT support for specifying usb controller mode
f2014/03/31usb/188119usb[ukbd] problems with multiple keyboards
o2014/02/10usb/186622usb[panic] FreeBSD 10.0 AMD64 kernel panic in ifmedia_set() / usb / ethernet / vulnerability / remote
o2014/01/13usb/185747usb[cam] [patch] fix support for USB key "Kingston DT 101 G2"
p2013/10/08usb/182820hrs[usbus] [panic] usbusX if destroy page fault panic
o2011/09/03usb/160436usb[ucom] ucom wedges machine on parity error ?
6 problems total.