6rd patched stf(4) kernel module binary packages

In Japan, SAKURA Internet provides IPv6 connectivity service using 6rd (I don't know other countries situation). Hiroki Sato (hrs@) wrote a patch to stf(4) to support 6rd. This page provides binary packages of patched if_stf.ko module file.

Binary Packages

Currenly amd64 arch only.

Releases Packages
9.3-RELEASE stf-6rd-kmod-0.267655.tbz (2014-07-22)
9.2-RELEASE stf-6rd-kmod-0.267655.tbz (2014-07-22)
9.1-RELEASE stf-6rd-kmod-0.267655.tbz (2014-07-22)
stf-6rd-kmod-0.239080.tbz (2013-07-28)
8.4-RELEASE stf-6rd-kmod-0.267655.tbz (2014-07-22)
stf-6rd-kmod-0.239080.tbz (2013-07-28)
8.3-RELEASE stf-6rd-kmod-0.239080.tbz (2013-07-28)
stf-6rd-kmod-0.232314.tbz (2012-06-10)
8.2-RELEASE stf-6rd-kmod-0.232314.tbz (2012-06-10)
8.1-RELEASE stf-6rd-kmod-0.239080.tbz (2013-07-28)
stf-6rd-kmod-0.232314.tbz (2012-06-10)