Joseph S. Atkinson


I'm a FreeBSD ports committer, with an interest in multimedia applications and desktop/workstation installs.

I currently maintain:

I made a port for the Hulu Desktop application, bringing some streaming VOD options for FreeBSD. Sadly, this port is derived from the Linux binaries and not a native build. We sort of need a native Flash player before we can ring their doorbell though. (Hey Adobe, you might want to do this before Flash becomes totally irrelevant.)

Sometimes I fancy myself as a "musician", which I have done off and on for the better part of two decades now, though some discriminating ears might not call it music. I produce experimental noise music, or sonic art, and I'm not so much worried if you can tap your foot to it and sing along. If, however, it causes you to feel some kind of irrepressible emotional response, then it's probably working as intended (even if it makes you want to smash the machine playing it). You can find out more about these efforts at the site for Wicked Machine.

It is also highly probable that this page has been tampered with by goblins... so be warned.