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Distfile availability status for

Status codes:

  • numeric values represent RFC 2616 status codes
  • NXDOMAIN means that the hostname could not be resolved
  • network timeouts result in code 500

It is possible that a failed check could work now. Status codes between 500-599 are transient errors and the status you see represents the period of time when the distfile was checked.

Ports that set DEPRECATED, FETCH_CMD, FETCH_ENV, FETCH_BEFORE_ARGS, FETCH_AFTER_ARGS, or have a do-fetch: target are simply skipped.

All the tables have clickable headers that sort the table by the clicked column.


show bad only
PortCheckedLast OKURLStatus
mail/poppwd 2014-04-22, 19:20:07 poppwd-2.0.tar.gz 200
net/rsmb 2014-04-22, 20:12:33 pkg-descr 200
mail/poppwd 2014-04-23, 02:05:08 2013-10-08, 15:39:14 poppwd-2.0.tar.gz NXDOMAIN