Misc. software and patches by DES

FreeBSD patches

sysinstall-smp-20091012.diff Remove amd64 / i386 SMP detection from sysinstall(8).
libdispatch-20090918.diff Autotools cleanup of libdispatch
quota64-20090917.diff 64-bit quotas (see http://svn.freebsd.org/base/projects/quota64/
openssh-arm-20080729.diff Fix alignment issue in OpenSSH that affects FreeBSD-arm (upstream patch backported to 4.5p1 with minor changes)
coretemp-20070813.diff Core temperature monitor for Intel Core and later processors (by Rui Paulo)
ichwd-20070813.diff ICH6/7/8 support and bug fixes for ichwd(4) (based on contributions from Takeharu Kato, Mike Tancsa, John Baldwin)
glvm-20060411.tgz GEOM Logical Volume Manager for FreeBSD 7.0 (work in progress)
isc-dhcp-20040628.diff Fix numerous 64-bit issues in ISC DHCP client (patch relative to FreeBSD-CURRENT)
fdalloc-20040115.diff New fdalloc code, based on Niels Provos's work in OpenBSD
pkill-stable-20040108.diff Make pkill support filtering by session on RELENG_4 (see kinfo_proc patch below)
kinfo_proc-sid-20040108.diff Export session id in struct kinfo_proc in RELENG_4.
fdalloc-20031217.diff Niels Provos's fdalloc code, ported to FreeBSD by Tim Robbins (work in progress)
au88x0-20030522.diff Driver for Aureal Vortex 2 (8810) and Vortex Advantage (8830) (work in progress)
named-20010129.diff Patches for running BIND 8 in a jail.
printf-20001209.diff Additional kernel printf formats for IPv4 and IPv6 addresses.
ftpd-20000720.diff On-the-fly tarball generation support for ftpd.

Other patches
fixtags Perl script to fix CVS tags after a repo copy (basically renames all existing tags to old_*)
planet-20080128.diff Change Planet's default behaviour when old articles are updated (see patch for details)