My current public key is 0x17835633.
It was born on the 23rd of April, 2010.
The fingerprint is
570E F325 D4D0 037A F530 4603 DFE2 4B22 1783 5633

I got into FreeBSD by having to use the documentation, getting annoyed at bugs, and submitting patches to them. Then I submitted a token few ports. Later on I got involved in the security team because I had to use advisories and got annoyed with bugs and submitted patches, though I’ve since dropped off due to lack of time.

I have written a little for the O’Reilly Network. A version of that article is included in the book (an honest-to-goodness real paperback book) BSD Hacks by Dru Lavigne.

My ACLs article was translated into Turkish, if you are into that sort of thing. As part of BSD Hacks, it was also translated into German, Japanese, and Polish. There is a Russian version on a forum somewhere.

I also run Word Assault. It’s not much, but it is useful to a few people.

I am a licensed amateur radio operator (KC8VOT) but unfortunately do not get to play much.

CLS JD '10.